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SICON-4140 Federal Service Enlistment Form
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SEX Male D.O.B. 2300/02/06
UNIT 321st Pathfinders "Mitchell's Misfits" LOCATION UCF Hiroo Onoda
ENLISTMENT DATE 2319/02/06 LAST ACTIVE Error: Invalid time. STATUS Active
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Date Submitted by Details
M.I. Bronze Star February 25, 2321 Kara Cox (500855) M.I. Bronze Star
Approved by Lieutenant Mitchell, Staff Sergeant Hyde has been approved to receive the Bronze Start for exceptional actions of valor on the field of battle at great personal risk. Continuing to fight in an intense operation despite lower body paralysis. His actions were instrumental in the unit getting through the operation.
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Sergeant February 17, 2321 Avery Drake (500740) Sergeant
Promoted to Sergeant for leading several drops successfully without complication or casualty.
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Medic February 13, 2321 Melody Vane (500739) Medic
Inducted into the Medical Corps of Petrov's Punishers.
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Purple Heart February 10, 2321 Command Purple Heart
Awarded for loss of limb while on a classified operation.
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Corporal February 09, 2321 John Carter (500751) Corporal
Achieved the rank of Corporal within FSF's Pathfinder Detachment "Hellions"
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Pathfinder February 06, 2321 Command Pathfinder
Inducted into the Pathfinder Corps of the Federation Special Forces or FSF and transferred to an Pathfinder Unit.
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Veteran's Ribbon February 05, 2321 Command Veteran's Ribbon
Awarded to Johnathan Hyde for 2 years of continued service in the Federated Armed Forces
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Trooper February 09, 2319 Command Trooper
Completing training at Camp Currie and joining the Mobile Infantry as a Trooper
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Service Record

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Date Author Type Details
February 28, 2321 Command General Transfer of Stationed Vessel from UCF Explorer (Destroyed) to UCF Hiroo Onoda.

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February 22, 2321 Raymond Mitchell (500856) Promotion Promoted to Staff Sergeant for exemplary performance on and off the field.

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February 22, 2321 Raymond Mitchell (500856) General Transfer of unit name from Petrov's Punishers to Mitchell's Misfits.

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February 17, 2321 Avery Drake (500740) Promotion Promoted to Sergeant for numerous lead drops with no casualties and a high success rate.

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February 13, 2321 Melody Vane (500739) General Transfer to Medical Division of the Pathfinders, MOS as a Pararescueman.

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February 13, 2321 Command Unit Name Change Herstein's Helions' name was changed to Petrov's Punishers.

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February 09, 2321 John Carter (500751) Promotion Promoted to Corporal for actions during Operation Arid Flight

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Medical History

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Date Attending physician Severity Details Treatment
March 12, 2321 Command Critical Spine broken before the Klendathu operation, patient has sustained usability due to a powered exoskeleton. Shipped back to Earth for experimental spine surgery, surgery was a success which will assist future troopers with broken spines.

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February 26, 2321 Johnathan Hyde (500785) Mild Left hand mangled by Warrior Left hand reconstructed by Autodoc.

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February 11, 2321 Melody Vane (500739) Critical Left leg blown off by a Mortar, removed just below the hip. A BT replacement will be required. Left Leg full BT ordered to be installed, surgery pending.

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February 09, 2321 Melody Vane (500739) Serious Severe burns and blisters to entire body including blisters obscuring the eyes. Left shoulder relocation injury and chipped socket. Suspended in the tube overnight. Bonepack Paste injected into chipped socket and dislocated shoulder massaged in place.

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Date Event Role Notes
March 08, 2321 Operation Eagle's Fist: Day 3 Medics Did an excellent job while being over worked as a medic and competently performed duty as SiC
March 07, 2321 Operation Eagle's Fist: Day 2 Commanding Officer
March 06, 2321 Operation: Eagle's Fist Medics Hyde took a back seat from leadership on this one, aiming to focus on his medical role. He performed such competently and saved Robert's life.
March 03, 2321 Operation: Raider Commanding Officer Nuked a Skinny Vessel
February 27, 2321 Operation Neuron: Day 3 Commanding Officer Drop lead, Medevac'd
February 26, 2321 Operation Neuron: Day 2 Commanding Officer Left hand mangled at the end of the drop.
February 25, 2321 Operation Neuron: Day 1 Commanding Officer
February 23, 2321 Operation: High Hill Medics Mostly covered our rear. Suffered a minor scuffle with a hopper due to lack of skywatch undertaken by Monroe during a difficult climb. He perfomed his duties without issue.
February 23, 2321 Blue Skies Medics Staff, you did your best with everything considered. I couldn't ask more of you. Nice throw, Tanker was fucked because of you. 'Spine Crusher'
February 20, 2321 Operation: Hydra - Final Day Commanding Officer Planned the operation.
February 19, 2321 Operation: Hydra Day 2 Commanding Officer
February 18, 2321 Operation: Hydra Day 1 Medics Started as DL but fell back to 2IC after they were wounded. Lost his leg and kept it pushing. Very useful and reliable
February 17, 2321 Operation Never Alone Commanding Officer Nothing to say, I got the job done.
February 16, 2321 Operation Double Down Squad Leader
February 15, 2321 Operation Urban Hunt Commanding Officer Drop Lead of the Deployment.
February 15, 2321 Operation Breach Hold Medics
February 14, 2321 Operation New Dawns Commanding Officer First drop as drop lead, zero casualties. I believe I did well enough in this for my first mission as DL.
February 13, 2321 Operation Tracker Mobile Infantry
February 10, 2321 Operation Dam Assault Squad Leader Bravo SL
February 09, 2321 Operation Plasmology Other


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