M.I. Cross
M.I. Cross.png Awarded for acts of bravery and expertise above the call of duty which maintained combat effectiveness against an enemy of the United Citizens Federation.


Date Recipient Commendation Submitted by Details Approved
Date Recipient Commendation Submitted by Details Approved
2023-02-28 Melody Vane (500739)/C5 M.I. Cross Raymond Mitchell (500856) Technical Sergeant Vane was able to heal several critical wounded troopers during the final day of the Planet P campaign. Not only that, she saved a trooper from certain death as well as took it upon herself to cover a trooper who wa deploying a geonav as the rest of the team fell back. She then proceeded to lead the drop with minimal manpower and completed the objective after Medically treating and evacuating the Drop lead and Second in Command. Yes
2023-01-03 Isaac Rollins (500189)/C4 M.I. Cross Alexander M. Gunn (500150) Isaac Rollins suffered a severe injury to the abdomen while covering a wounded trooper with his body, continuing treatment. He displayed true heroism in the face of Death, and did whatever he had to in order to ensure the survival of his patients during Operation Bait and Tackle Yes
2022-12-23 Robert Alexander (500013)/C2 M.I. Cross Oliver G. Hadrian (500002) On December 21st, 2320, at approximately 2300 hours, Alexander's squad leader was regrettably killed in action, leaving his unit leaderless. He assumed command, demonstrating a prowess for leadership, eventually delivering his men home safely and achieving his mission critical objectives. Yes
2022-12-22 Kojo Tamba (500018)/C2 M.I. Cross Oliver G. Hadrian (500002) Over the course of the Big K campaign, dated December 18th through 20th, then-Private Tamba showed valour and courage above and beyond the call of duty, consistently making visible at the very front of the line, taking all the fight one can muster to the arachnids, without fear or consideration for himself. On one occasion, he was witnessed sprinting ahead some fifty feet to render aid to a fellow trooper, despite being cut off from the remainder of the unit, placing himself in great personal peril. Yes
2022-11-20 Fredi Should Go To Bedi (500016)/C7 M.I. Cross John Doe (500010) woah john doe like freom the movies? crazy bro Yes
2019-09-07 Oliver G. Hadrian (500002)/C2 M.I. Cross Command Lieutenant Hadrian and his squad of Highlanders went above and beyond during the suppression on the insurrection on Faraway. Yes