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Civil War 2298: State of the Union

Intel Points: 12950 | Current Date: March 21, 2298.

We've lost our homeword - Earth - to a foe far more powerful than we are, with little hope of retaking it. And with it, the Federation has collapsed, splintering into no less than a dozen factions, all claiming to be the rightful successor to the Federation. Tyranny, separatism, unionism and business interests - all with the Ulysses S. Grant and her complement of infantry, the 112th, slapped right in the middle. We're at civil war.

Recent Developments

The state of the civil war as of March 2, 2298.
  • The Grant left Sanctuary space and, in combination with a Union fleet, successfully countered a Sanctuary attack on UH on Monday.

  • Dr. Lubomierz, still held technically as a prisoner and under the instruction of FFRL, commissioned a number of missions to acquire Progenitor power sources and technology - from this drive, he has been able to assemble a prototype pulse cannon in the style of the Progenitor beam weapons.

  • Following this, answering a call from Coalition spy and intelligence operative Major Nathaniel Riviera (callsign "Tinkerbell"), the Grant made a stop off at Epsilon Prime - humanity's crown jewel in scientific innovation and R&D. There, they discovered that Sanctuary had reverse engineered the Progenitor power source and were far into the development of a Progenitor Beam Weapon under the watchful eye of Doctor Przemek Lubomierz. The Infantry destroyed the weapon, captured Dr. Lubomierz, and made their way back to the Grant.

  • We broke their formation on Thursday (March 1st) via launching a series of raids to draw their forces out, and eliminating a local FTL comms relay - knocking out their ability to communicate for a short while. This was enough to form a small chink in their armour - which we exploited in order to slip past the Sanctuary task force.

  • The Colonial Confederation is unlikely to grant us safe passage - as doing so would likely be considered an act of war against Sanctuary. Furthermore, intelligence estimates a high probability that Sanctuary has prepared an ambush to our south east - therefore, we have no choice but to cross Sanctuary space and make our way back to friendly territory via our western frontier with the Federal Unionists. However, the task force of enemy ships stands between us and them.

  • This operation was a success - we were able to rescue 12 councilmen - however in doing so we lit a fire under Sanctuary, who have assembled a task force of no less than 30 ships to sweep west to east through Sanctuary space with the goal of locating and surrounding the Grant.

  • Last week, following a tip off by the Federal Unionists, the Ulysses S. Grant (us) were dispatched to locate and rescue a handful of federal councilmen (members of the Federal Council - the supreme law making authority within the UCF), who were held in a holding facility deep within Sanctuary (Faction) space.