Date January 05, 2321
Location Vephinus III (gm_desertsiege)
Lead Alexander M. Gunn (500150)
The heroes of the Gladiators were deployed to Vephinius III in order to secure a fallen spy-satellite's blackbox, the contents of which being crucial to the ongoing planetary operations. Touching down inside a PDF base, the platoon pushed out to secure a nearby damaged transponder beacon- The local PDF having tried and failed to secure it earlier with a platoon sized element of their own. Once the beacon was secure, the Gladiators were able to advance on the fallen Satellite with the added bonus of air cover. The fighting was fierce, but the bugs were no match. The blackbox was secured, and First Platoon was able to fight their way back to the PDF castle, which they held until extract arrived. Another few thousand dead bugs added to the tally of the Gunn's Gladiators.


Name Role Notes
Lt. Alexander 'Tigger' M. Gunn Commanding Officer Drop Lead.
SSpc. Celal Brish Mobile Infantry Radio Telephone Operator
Cpl. Wolfram 'Machine' Keller Squad Leader Bravo Squad Lead
LCpl. Joey 'Steamtrain' Carter Mobile Infantry Bravo SiC
LCpl. Zoryana 'Cheetah' Kovalev Squad Leader Alpha Squad Lead
MSpc. Chris '90%' Collins Mobile Infantry Alpha SiC
WO. Charlie Lankier Commanding Officer
Pvt. Charlie Wei Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Derrick Spooler Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Devon Fungai Mobile Infantry
2Spc. Ed Bowman Medics
Cpl. Erasmus 'Monk' Radovic Mobile Infantry
SSpc. Galen Roberts Engineers
Pvt. Garrison Peters Mobile Infantry
3Spc. Gunner Zaletzky Engineers
Cpl. Isabella 'Zealot' Cox Mobile Infantry
WO. James 'Stone Cold' Austin MIPOD
3Spc. Jasmina Trajkovski Engineers
Pvt. John Orange Mobile Infantry
Lt. Klara Alexsons Commanding Officer
Pvt. Roland Kozak Mobile Infantry
PFC. Kyrios Lysander Mobile Infantry
PFC. Leonard 'Bazinga' Lanstropp Mobile Infantry
WO. Liv 'Glass' De Ridder MIPOD
CWO. Mack 'Pitbull' Prescott MIPOD
SSpc. Madeline 'Phoenix' Weaver Engineers
PFC. Mark Teller Mobile Infantry
Spc. Charles Davis Mobile Infantry
SCPO. Rose Throntin Commanding Officer
Pvt. Sergei Petrov Mobile Infantry
2Spc. Sylvia Fisker Engineers
Pvt. George Valdez Mobile Infantry
MSpc. Vernon 'Fragger' Ryker Mobile Infantry
Pvt. William Aitken Mobile Infantry
LtJG. William Crawford Commanding Officer
WO. Willow A. Leighton Commanding Officer