Date February 24, 2321
Location Planet P (rp_sst_base_amyoba_v1)
Lead Kara Cox (500855)
Misfits were deployed back to P to attempt to reactivate a communication post on the planet. Additionally they were tasked to scout a village along the route for signs of life and asses viability for an outpost location.

Upon infil to the AO the DR-4 dusted revealling a cave system to it's rear. We proceeded to the cave and quickly scouted it before decising to move on. Pressing on from that location Misfits scouted and cleared the village. It could protentially be used as an outpost given work.

After the scouting of the village, contact was made with Highcomm. Misfits were informed of a stranded pathfinder unit in the AO and proceeded to assist. Misfits encountered the downed unit beside a crashed dropshit. They had a few minor wounded and Misfits plus that unit were forced to take cover from a sandstorm.

That unit informed myself of troopers being dragged off by bugs, alive. Still, we proceeded on with our primary tasking, to reactivate the comms relay. We were unable to contact Highcomm for the duration of that task. Pinkerton was able to get the base generator repaired and bring the communications system online while we defended the outpost.

During the defence of the outpost, Warrant Officer Cortés came under psychic assault from a psychic bug. She was able to recover herself and fight off the bug this time as droplead stood over here ready to act out if things were unrecoverable.

The defence of the outpose stressed the unit and all but two members of the team were out of ammunition as we finally managed to restore comms. Upon being resupplied the Misfits moved east towards the last known of the missing troopers.

Misfits encountered a large hole in the ground that lead to a small cave, we proceeded down and pushed in. Inside the cave we found some type of new bug caste. It's body has been recovered for FFRL. As well as the missing pathfinders. Both had all brain matter missing from thier heads. After that, we evacuated the tunnel and sealed it with HEDP from Pinkerton. At that point, proceeding to higher ground for exfil after a long encounter with the arachnids.


Name Role Notes
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD Cortés did well over all. Despite one issue with following orders it doesn't outweight the positive. She also sustained a long psychic attack by an arachnid, recommending she get checked.
LCpl. Harel Merton Mobile Infantry Merton did well on skywatch and rear. He was paired up with myself for most of the drop and was dedicated to his role.
Cpl. Hector 'Pockets' Cortell Squad Leader Cortell was second in command. Communication is improving across the board. Still somewhat hesitant to act. Needs education about what exactly leadership authority gives for each role. Recommending a theory class on leadership as well as simulation training.
MSgt. Kara Cox Commanding Officer Drop lead.
LCpl. Morita Pinkerton Engineers Pinkerton was instrumental in repairing the bases infrastructure and gaining us access to it initially. He demonstrated competence with the M-55.
LCpl. Sofia 'Mini' Torres Mobile Infantry Torres used her rifle as instructed, when needed. Competent performance on the field.