Date March 06, 2321
Location Klendathu (gm_disten)
Lead Kara Cox (500855)
Misfits were deployed to the surface of Klendathu ahead of the first wave invasion forces to pave the way for invasion. Misfits were infiled to deal with a heavy concentration of plasma in the air and secure the airspace in the AO ahead of the invasion.

Moving on Misfits were tasked with further elimination of plasma and securing a landing zone for the Mobile Infantry. Once done, the Mobile Infantry were deployed and Misfit attached to the MI Unit. Proceeding together, the MI and Pathfinders moved further into the sector, the Pathfinders and two MI platoons set up security while a third platoon of MI constructed an FOB.

Upon successful construction, Misfit pulled back into the FOB and is currently posted there.


Name Role Notes
LCpl. Akari Tanaka Engineers Made good use of M55 throughout the drop, performing competently.
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD Cortés was a mixed a bag. She took to the lack of other psychics well and did her job despite it. Slow to react to radio at once stage, forgiveable.
Rct. Ayshe Dilara Mobile Infantry Dilara acted competently.
Spc. Galen 'Rocky' Roberts Engineers Roberts was exceptionally competent. He used TONs with great effect, able to follow direction. Sadly he got blown up by a hopper.
Sgt. Hector 'Pockets' Cortell Commanding Officer Improving. Unlike his apperance.
LCpl. Jeremy Kill Mobile Infantry Kill lingered behind and was a little slow to keep up, but he mowed bugs down like a good little fragger
SSgt. Johnathan Hyde Medics Hyde took a back seat from leadership on this one, aiming to focus on his medical role. He performed such competently and saved Robert's life.
MSgt. Kara Cox Commanding Officer Drop lead.
LCpl. Melinoë Smith Mobile Infantry Smith did her job well. She was sadly wounded and Medevac'd
LCpl. Nico Kladenkov Engineers Kladenkov was a little slow on the M55. But he had good aim. He saved the team several times despite delay.
LCpl. Terrence Tent Mobile Infantry Tent was competent throughout the deployment.