Date February 23, 2321
Location Planet P (gm_desertmountains)
Lead Kara Cox (500855)
Misfits were deployed back to the planet following an earlier drop and subsiqent bombardment by fleet of the sector in which Misfits undertook operation. Once the Misfit element was in the AO, they proceeded to high ground under the droplead's orders. A perimeter was secured that held security long enough for Specialist Teller was able to deploy his nanodrone.

The Nanodrone scouting gave us an initial direction of travel as well as confirmed three holes that we had eyes on. Teller himself took out the first hole, Lance Corproal Pinkertone took our the second at just over five hundred meters with the M55.

Misfits proceeded east along rocky ridglines with some difficulty in traversal. Reaching a somewaht stable position with elevation, we were able to set up and request ammo while CAS undertook a sweet of the AO to assist in spotting bugholes that remained active after the fleet bombardment. This aerial sweep uncovered four seperate bugholes still active in the AO.

Misfits attempted to push to the first marker. The decision at that point was made that the terrian was non-traversable safely. The decision was made to request fire missions on the four marked holes, bringing to an end the bug activity in the AO. Exfil was requested and the Misfits left the AO, back to the Explorer.


Name Role Notes
LCpl. Aine Redmond Engineers Redmond was calm and played her role well. She demonstrated competence in the use of the Six-gun rotory cannon. Able to act independantly to find best position for set up once tasked to deploy it.
Pen. Connor 'Hazel' Monroe Other Survived, surprsingly. Did well on skywatch with exception for one incident that resulted in Staff Sergeant Hyde having to execute a hopper himself.
Cpl. Hector 'Pockets' Cortell Mobile Infantry Cortell acted as second in command of the element. He took an active leadership role and was able to split focus between using his gun, pointman duties and secondary leading.
SSgt. Johnathan Hyde Medics Mostly covered our rear. Suffered a minor scuffle with a hopper due to lack of skywatch undertaken by Monroe during a difficult climb. He perfomed his duties without issue.
MSgt. Kara Cox Squad Leader Drop lead.
Spc. Mark Teller Engineers Teller made use of the nano drone to scout the AO and advise on bug positions. Also demonstrated competence in use of the M55
LCpl. Morita Pinkerton Engineers Pinkerton performed well. He was able to use the M55 to good effect excluding one issue with a rushed HEDP discharge towards an oncoming plasma.