Date February 20, 2321
Location Dell (rp_sog)
Lead Johnathan Hyde (500785)
The plan was simple,

Nuke the perimeter wall, let the Archies in, blow the AA, bullshit our way to HQ and work it out from there.

The Nuking went without a hitch, the perimeter wall fell. We made our way towards the final objective, noting one last AA installation which we sabotaged on a time limit. We then proceeded towards the main stronghold as forces moved in the opposite direction towards the city to reinforce. We managed to bullshit our way through the checkpoint and then drove for an hour through a tunnel to get to the stronghold.

After further recon we found there were hundreds of troops down there and we needed a plan. A patrol was spotted and I got Alpha team to go and trace it back to its origin. They found a back door. So we waited until nighttime.

When night time came around we prepared for the raid, the guards were swapping to NVG's overnight. I then got Vane to drive up in the truck on highbeam to ruin their nightvision and we could begin our assault. We took out the gate guards cleanly. But we set off an alarm once we were inside. But then it was too late for them, as we were already inside.

Teller jammed the enemy Radio while we pushed through the tunnel, that's where we lost the Lieutenant. He pushed forward with an E-Pulse 88 to engage the enemy from the front. He was knocked down by one bullet, before a second went through their armor. They were fatally wounded in the lung, Article Six was recommended by Tech Sergeant Vane and I granted it as drop lead under Article 6 subsection B.

From there, we pushed out into the compound. Called an orbital strike to get us unsuppressed before pushing out to engage troops on the left and right. Cortes informed me that the HVT's were above us and I saw a landing platform. I then ordered Redmond to fire Lizardlines up there before getting Bravo to ascend. Stopping just before the edge to toss bangs and smokes.

As they crested, Cortes used her big brain to eliminate two guards and the pilot. Causing the dropship to crash. VIP's were recovered and we extracted. The exfil was not clean, but the objectives were complete.


Name Role Notes
LCpl. Áine Redmond Engineers Good use of Lizardlines, Marksmanship, and use of the M55 at a moments notice to eliminate targets with precision.
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD Cortes, once again performed flawlessly in their position as the squads Psychic support.
Lt. Alexos Petrov Commanding Officer KIA, Shot through the lung by enemy fire.
Cpl. Hector 'Pockets' Cortell Squad Leader Lead Bravo Squad, had slight hearing problems when it came to orders once he picked up an E-Pulse 88 but this just reminds me of what Vane told me. I'll be focusing on some communication drills with him.
Sgt. Johnathan Hyde Commanding Officer Planned the operation.
LCpl. Mark Teller Engineers Teller was responsible for the intiial AA Charges left in the city. As well as drone operation. They managed this with full confidence of myself.
LCpl. Meilin Zhang Medics Didn't see her do anything medical, but she did a Pathfinders job for certain. Shes got good eyes for watching our rear. I'm going to keep my eye on her, she seems to have some initiative.
TSgt. Melody Vane Medics I am worried about Vane's mental health after the losses and many terminations we had to do on this mission. Regardless of this she performed her duties flawlessly.
PFC. Willow 'Glaze' Evans Mobile Infantry Evans played a supporting role, did well as a Rifleman. Going to keep my eye on them if the Donut get into anymore trouble.