Date January 11, 2321
Location Unspecified (gm_guadalcanal)
Lead Wolfram Keller (500186)
Federation forces on planet have been pushed back and the entire planet was under Evacuation orders. Highlanders dropped down to secure a Beach head for further operations.

The LZ was a straight drop from water and about a 50 yard drop into the sea. The highlanders assaulted the beach and took few casualties. Pushing forward to secure a hill Keller called in the first of many TONs south east. Took a few wounded as Roberts took out several bug holes with utmost competency and EVAC was called on the hanger designated as the new FOB. Pushing towards the hanger a few more casualties were gained and the bug onslaught continued. Staff Sergeant Dougherty gave out proper warnings and followed procedures to notify any MI and pilots in the area of a TON going off in the south. The MEDEVAC did not heed the warnings and was grounded. The MI continued to the FOB and cleared it of holes outside and inside. Staff Sergeant Dougherty put himself at risk to close the bug holes inside with a few hand grenades. Supplies, ammo, and another MEDEVAC was called while the MI set up the new FOB with great success.

The Highlanders moved to search and rescue operations to collect the crashed MEDEVAC. However, the crew was dead on impact. The Highlanders soon Evacuated.


Name Role Notes
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD
SSgt. Alex 'Doughboy' Dougherty Mobile Infantry Second in Command
Rct. Angus McDoogle Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Carson Kirby Mobile Infantry
SSpc. Galen 'Rocky' Roberts Engineers
3Spc. Gunner Zaletzky Engineers
3Spc. Hannah Dawson Engineers
2Lt. Hu Yijun Commanding Officer
WO2. James 'Stone Cold' Austin MIPOD
2Spc. James Spencer Medics
2Spc. Jasmina Trajkovski Engineers
Pvt. Jessica Kerala Mobile Infantry
Rct. Johnny Keymeulen Mobile Infantry
Rct. Juno Andersen Mobile Infantry
WO. Kelly Abernathy MIPOD
LCpl. Kyle 'Terrier' Maciek Mobile Infantry Alpha Lead
LCpl. Lewis 'Spastic' Murray Mobile Infantry
Spc. Lucia Dufaux Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Michael Stevenson Mobile Infantry
2Lt. Oozei Fecey Commanding Officer
Pvt. Phan Doc Lo Mobile Infantry
Cpl. Reverent 'Auroch' Davis Mobile Infantry
Rct. Rick Barrett Mobile Infantry
PFC. Salem Blakely Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Samantha Mason Mobile Infantry Bravo Lead
WO3. Sarah 'Shield' Gibbons Engineers Fired off five TONs
Spc. Saul Sauer Mobile Infantry
PFC. Sergei 'Drago' Petrov Mobile Infantry
2Spc. Sylvia Fisker Engineers
Pvt. Valerie Lawson Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Vincent Arlo Mobile Infantry
Rct. Vlad Draganov Mobile Infantry
Cpl. Wolfram 'Machine' Keller Mobile Infantry Drop lead