Date January 24, 2321
Location Fielding (gm_only_forest)
Lead Samantha Mason
We dropped in to route out and destroy bug holes. So that's what we did. We killed a lot of bugs. And then I decided there was too many bugs for us to handle as a small unit. So we fired a TON to the South east, south west. Then got moving and we fired another TON to the south, and blew them motherfuckers up good and proper, yer.


Name Role Notes
MSpc. Galen 'Rocky' Roberts Engineers
3Spc. Gunner Zaletzky Engineers
Spc. Hector Cortell Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Jessica Kerala Mobile Infantry
SSpc. Juliane Hurst Medics
LCpl. Mark Teller Mobile Infantry Alpha Actual
LCpl. Samantha 'One-Hit' Mason Mobile Infantry Drop Lead
PFC. Sergei 'Drago' Petrov Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Tommy Strong Mobile Infantry