Date February 15, 2321
Location Unspecified, RCS-04 ()
Lead Cpl. Sofia Torres
Objective: Pathfinders were instructed to help relieve PDF forces of excess Arachnid activity during the initial invasion/evacuation of a colony's city by Arachnid Forces.

-Lost Equipment: 1x MBT, 4x HMG emplacements.

-WIA, KIA: Cpl. Torres (Major injury), LCpl. Cortell (Major injury), LCpl. Monet (Major), PFC. Merk (Minor)

-Estimated Bug Losses: >3k

Initial touch down with MBT slowed Arachnid advance for emplacements, ammunition, and prefabs to arrive. Heavy Warrior concentration, MBT moved forward too far but was able to pull back to defensible location. Pre-Fabs were constructed, where the initial siege began. After some time, LCpl. Cortell was injured defending LCpl. Teller from Arachnid pile. Bombardment of Cluster Mines followed extraction. Hopper/Skywatch ineffective due to lack of communication/switching of roles. Resulted in TSgt. Vane being launched into nearby lake. Cpl. Torres ordered retreat over the bridge, where arachnid forces pushed on all sides and crawled up the walls. MBT forced to be abandoned at that stage, emplacement and mortar recovered. Tanker pushed the bridge, HEAT rocket resulted in mortart destruction due to close proximity. Cpl. Torres wounded by bug assault on her left flank, crawling up bridge. LCpl. Teller assumed DL after extraction, more prefabs and emplacements requested. Hoppers pulled off LCpl. Monet into arachnid swarm outside of prefab walls, resulting in injury. PFC. Merk abandoned post without word to recover, resulting in minor injury.

Closing Remarks: Mission was success in giving PDF respite from Arachnid Hordes, minor casualty count on Pathfinder squad. Recommend work on communication and emplacement usage.


Name Role Notes
LCpl. Aine Redmond Engineers Driver of MBT
Pfc. John Merk Mobile Infantry Deployed late to cover for Cortell.
Cpl. Johnathan Hyde Medics
LCpl. Mark Teller Squad Leader Promoted to Drop Lead after Torres's extraction.
TSgt. Melody Vane Medics
LCpl. Riley Monet Mobile Infantry Recon Specialist.
Cpl. Sofia 'Mini' Torres Commanding Officer Wounded, Bug Talon through left shoulder. Needed medevac.
[[{{{Page}}}|Hector Cortell (500687)]] Mobile Infantry Wounded with talon stab through abdomen, needed medevac.
[[{{{Page}}}|Akari Tanaka (500819)]] Mobile Infantry