Date February 10, 2321
Location Fielding (gm_valley)
Lead Sofia Torres (500607)
The Helions returned to Fielding in hopes of catching the company off guard and mid operation. The skyhook somehow crashed which rendered Cpl. Sofia Torres unconscious for a little. As the team moved on, Cpl. Alexis Petrov had climbed up a ladder, which resulted in a shot to her head. The team fought to and held an FOB which contained computers which was used to retrieve intel. We then moved to another location close by but encountered both MG and sniper fire.

Once clearing out the sniper and MG, the Helions pressed forward to their objective but came under contact of a tank. Cpl. Johnathan Hyde expertly used a HEAT round which destroyed the armor and allowed the Helions to continue their mission. At this point, Two more operatives were KIA. LCpl. Alex Smith and LCpl. Davis Davies. Pressing on to the final compound, the Helions came under heavy fire from a mortar above a stronghold help by the insurgents. TAC was used in order to defeat the mortar and the Helions proceeded for Evac.


Name Role Notes
LCpl. Alex Smith Mobile Infantry KIA
Cpl. Alexis Petrov Squad Leader KIA
LCpl. Davis Davies Mobile Infantry KIA
LCpl. Harel Merton Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Hector 'Killer' Cortell Squad Leader Assumed command of Alpha after Cpl Petrov's death.
LCpl. Jason Carter Mobile Infantry
Cpl. Johnathan Hyde Squad Leader Bravo SL
LCpl. Juan Emmanuel Mobile Infantry
Spc. Luna F. Jackson Medics
LCpl. Melinoë Smith Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Morita Pinkerton Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Nico Kladenkov Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Riley Monet Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Samuel Torres Mobile Infantry
Cpl. Sofia Torres Commanding Officer Drop Lead
LCpl. Teddy Ironwood Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Tommy Strong Mobile Infantry