Date January 20, 2321
Location Denebola (gm_sand_hills)
Lead Samantha Mason (500623)
The FOB came under heavy attack by accurate, indirect fire from arachnid plasma batteries. Due to the sheer number of plasma in the AO, Fleet were unable to get air support or Medevac to the FOB location. Due to lack of other NCOs at the time and the base being in poor condition, Gladiators contacted MOBCOMM and a plan was formed for the Gladiators to push out and take out the plasma in our sector of the AO.

Fleet eventually managed to find a pilot willing to fly the dropship to the location. We took the dropship along with one Eagle IFV to the area the Plasma were in. Once landed, Alpha formed a perimeter and Cortés used her talents to locate the first group of plasma, we got visual reference for location later as we saw plasma entering the sky.

Alpha proceeded slowly to the first location, working cohesively under the control of Lance Corporal Kerala. Assisted by the IFV. The Command element, made up of myself and the late arrival of Sergeant Keller kept an eye on the situation.

We found the first plasma up on a ridgeline, we engaged it with the IFV and eventually, the ATGMs and bullets from the vehicle took it down. With that success under our belt. We continued along this ridgeline, closing bug holes as we moved. Eventually we spotted a second set of plasma, there were tucked away behind a depression in the terrain, Roberts, who was driving the IFV was once more able to eliminate these plasma.

The final set of plasma could then be seen, far off to our north east. The decision was made to lob a ton over a mountain and airburst it. Roberts was the one to do this yet again, successfully taking out the plasma.

Contact was then made over LRR by a callsign, Saviour One Three. Informing us of a "Large bug" they were attempting to track and eliminate. Soon enough, we found out exactly what that bug was. A huge plasma, bigger than any bug I'd ever seen personally emerged from the ground.

Gladiators made the decision to pull the troopers back to safe distance so we could deploy a TON. Roberts deployed the TON, landing a hit but it did very little to the plasma, merely wounding it. With assistance from Saviour One Three they were able to GEONAV a TON to the location and this one managed to take it out thanks to Roberts weakening it.

At that point, MOBCOMM Informed the AO was clear and a dropship was deployed to take us back to the FOB


Name Role Notes
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD
MSpc. Galen 'Rocky' Roberts Engineers
LCpl. Hector Cortell Mobile Infantry
Rct. Jeremy Kill Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Jessica Kerala Mobile Infantry Alpha Actual
SSpc. Juliane Hurst Medics
LCpl. Karl 'Fed' Herrick Mobile Infantry Alpha 2IC
Spc. Miles Pier Mobile Infantry
Spc. Nathalie Leagas Medics
Pvt. Nyco Tann Mobile Infantry
Rct. Ocsar Williams Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Samantha 'One-Hit' Mason Mobile Infantry Drop Lead
PFC. Sergei 'Drago' Petrov Mobile Infantry
Sgt. Wolfram 'Machine' Keller Mobile Infantry Command 2IC