Date January 21, 2321
Location Denebola (sstrp_klendathu_caves)
Lead Samantha Mason (500623)
Gladiators deployed from the FOB towards the main hive of the arachnids. Proceed in bugs seemed unusally passive. Ignoring us most of the time. We proceeded on, later discovering that the bugs were being influenced and aware of our presence. It was a trap.

While down there we encountered a weird bug with eight eyes and a "Vagina mouth" as was described. Upon discovering the trap, arachnid presence intensified and they had started the process of destroying eggs. The Gladiators continued into the tunnels and claimed some undamaged eggs. Four in total. Upon arrival back at the Hiroo Onoda, three were turned over to Military Intelligence, intact.

The bug mentioned was recorded by Leeson and Kerala.


Name Role Notes
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD
SSgt. Alex 'Doughboy' Dougherty Mobile Infantry
PFC. Ben Aitkenson Mobile Infantry
MSpc. Galen 'Rocky' Roberts Engineers
3Spc. Gunner Zaletzky Engineers
LCpl. Hector Cortell Mobile Infantry Alpha Actual / Demoted to 2IC
2Spc. James Spencer Medics
LCpl. Jessica Kerala Mobile Infantry Alpha 2IC / Promoted to Actual
LCpl. Kyrios Lysander Mobile Infantry
2Spc. Luisa 'Jerry' Von Dietrich Medics
Pvt. Roy Jones Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Samantha 'One-Hit' Mason Mobile Infantry Drop lead
Spc. Scott 'Green' Leeson Engineers
PFC. Sergei 'Drago' Petrov Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Tommy Strong Mobile Infantry