Date February 16, 2321
Location Alvavor (rp_sst_base_amyoba_v1)
Lead Hector Cortell (500687)
Objective: Infiltration and Gather Intelligence.

Upon landing down of the AO, Punishers pushed up and proceeded to head toward the location of Terroist outpost. Within the journey toward the outpost, Punises hid themselves from bugs choosing to not engage and keep it to a minimum.

Punishers soon arrived onto a downed, Skyhook that could have been seen to be old and rundown. Punishers moved into the Skyhook covering themselves from the Tanker that was present within the area.

Punishers arrived at the complex of the Outpost of where the Intel was located, Punishers managed to influence the bugs into attack at the entrance while they snuck in from behind killing who they needed to. Punishers snagged the Intelligence, interveneing with the outposts radios, not allowing the Terroists to have backup.

Punishers soon left the Complex with calling an Evac to be sent on their IFF, Punishers held off a small bug wave.

No one was harmed within the operation.


Name Role Notes
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD
Cpl. Hector 'Pockets' Cortell Commanding Officer
Cpl. Johnathan Hyde Squad Leader
Maj. Melissa 'Massive' Massey Other
TSgt. Melody Vane Medics
LCpl. Morita Pinkerton Mobile Infantry
Cdr. Olivia Orion Other
LCpl. Sofia 'Mini' Torres Mobile Infantry
PFC. Willow Evans Mobile Infantry