Date March 09, 2321
Location Klendathu (gm_disten)
Lead Terrence Tent (500307)
AAR Written by Melody Vane as Tent was unwilling to write it.

Misfit was deployed to the AO to take out a series of plasma batteries. The element proceeded to do just that, the Plasma were in fairly open terrain and it took minimal effort. A skyhook carrying a member of Military Intelligence then crashed, Misfit moved to recover the Intelligence officer who was found wounded but made stable.

Misfit then extracted.


Name Role Notes
Cpl. Melody Vane Medics Used the 30 mil alot. Pretty cool person all around.
2Lt. Sian Hawkins Commanding Officer Found in the crashed skyhook, recovered and brought home
LCpl. Terrence Tent Commanding Officer Drop lead. Asked no questions during briefing, was entirely unaware of any asset availability, AO location or anything. It was an extremely simple deployment and we still had problems, needs to never lead again
[[{{{Page}}}|Alyssa Bennings (500728)]] Engineers Really cool person :D