Date February 11, 2321
Location Fielding (rp_coruscantbelow)
Lead Sofia Torres (500607)
Hellion was deployed to Forberne, Fielding after intelligence was brought up of a HVT affiliated with a terrorist cell we had multiple engagements with across a few strategic landmarks. A smooth shuttle ride brought Alpha team lead by Corporal Sofia Torres into the heart of Forberne where a short walk has lead them to the entrance of a sewage system. Going down the ladder they encountered their first door which they were quick to open only to find two Civilians under the influence of illegal narcotics, the Civilians were detained and evacuated by the PDF shortly after. Alpha team was met with multiple hallways leading deeper into the sewage system which caused them to split up into two teams, one lead by the Second in Command Lance Corporal Mark Teller. The two teams were quickly met with hostile forces unable to avoid them leading to multiple firefights resulting in a few dozen eliminated Terrorists. As they ventured deeper, Corporal Sofia Torres suffered an internal injury causing her to be treated and MEDEVAC'd immediately, shortly after Lance Corporal Mark Teller suffered a similar fate and they were both evacuated. Alpha team rallied up with their now designated squad leader Lance Corporal Harel Merton.

They continued the same path leading down to an underground bunker masked by the filth of never ending sewage locked by a keypad needing a keycard which they found after a short search of the terrorist bodies. A perimeter was formed and the bunker door was opened only to be met with immediate conflict with barricaded suspects of the unknown terrorist cell. Alpha team was quick to eliminate them only to be met with waves of raging fire spreading across the bunker. As they cleared room to room they found multiple documents and a suspect wielding a flamethrower burning down the bunker, and was also seen inside of a cell with an unknown Female, burning her down. Alpha team shot down the suspect and dragged the Female out of the cell and quickly evacuated the sewage system with the unknown Female. It is unknown if the Female is the HVT due to severe burns making facial recognition a lot harder, she is brought in for further investigation.


Name Role Notes
Rct. Akari Tanaka Other
LCpl. Harel Merton Squad Leader
LCpl. Kurt Harrison Other
Spc. Luna F. Jackson Medics
LCpl. Mark Teller Engineers
LCpl. Meilin Zhang Medics
LCpl. Morita Pinkerton Other
Cpl. Sofia Torres Commanding Officer