Date March 14, 2321
Location RCS-108 (rp_bangclaw_d)
Lead Terrence Tent (500307)
Misfits deployed to planet by dropship. Walked to AO narrowed down to search for missing party, a small town that was found flooded at least one meter above pavement level.

We went on top a roof of a building and attempted to reach the missing party by long range radio. We attained no reply. WO Black was asked to make a telepathic connection with the party but could not get close enough to make such a connection.

I ordered everyone to begin searching individually. We used up about an hour to search all of the submerged basement and train systems.

A one LT Iloveta Blowmen of said party was found deceased inside a car full of water that was submerged in said basement systems.

Misfits returned to Onoda.


Name Role Notes
WO. Adrian Black MIPOD Responsible and determined.
Alyssa Bennings (500728) Engineers Quiet and sets onto task.
Cpl. Melody Vane Medics Must trust the younger leaders more, should attempt to understand their decisions.
LCpl. Terrence Tent Commanding Officer