Sanctuary (Faction)

From Starship Troopers RP

Name: Sanctuary (1st Fleet) 

Leader(s): Admiral Erin O'Brien 

Motives: Conquest and reunification of the former Federation by whatever is necessary, under the total control of Admiral O'Brien. She blames the quarrelling and indecisiveness of the Federal Council for the loss of Earth, and feels the only way we as a race can survive is under her strong and disciplined stewardship.  

Description: Following the conquest of Earth, the remnants of the Federal Armed Forces as well as millions of Terran refugees made their way to Sanctuary Station - the headquarters for Fleet - to discuss what should happen next. Admiral O'Brien summoned all four star ranks to a special summit where she unilaterally dissolved the Federal Council and declared herself Sky Marshall for life, to much resistance within the chamber. She massacred all who opposed or even failed to affirmatively endorse the motion, killing three quarters of the former Federation's leadership in a matter of minutes - however a handful managed to escape (incl. VAdm Johnson), and many who did proceeded to vow to wage war against her, precipitating the start of the Civil War.

Capital: Sanctuary