Date December 22, 2320
Location Shackleton (gm_dark forest)
Lead Seith Ferenak (500031)
A small unit of Mobile Infantry dropped down to Shackleton to investigate a sighting of unidentified individuals and some disruption to a radio tower. We patrolled the forest region and managed to partially repair the radio communications - the substation had been deliberately sabotaged by locals who suspected the PDF of being infiltrated by Skinnies.

One of the locals were identified as Johnston. He was let go.


Name Role Notes
SSgt. Alexander 'Tigger' M. Gunn Squad Leader
Rct. Anthony Zimm Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Erasmus 'Monk' Manderly Mobile Infantry
PFC. Kojo Tamba Mobile Infantry
3Spc. Madeline Weaver Engineers
MSgt. Seith 'Sweep' Ferenak Commanding Officer
Spc. Trix Vázquez Medics
Pvt. Wolfram Keller Mobile Infantry