Ulysses S. Grant

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The Ulysses S. Grant (UCF-BC-291) is a Federation battle-cruiser. One of the most significant notes of this cruiser is its connection to the 112th Battalion, of which it assisted in the Battalion's countless deployments following the destruction of The Audie Murphy (AFBC-117) during Operation Omega in November, 2297. Its Captain is currently Aramis A. Hux, former Ensign to the Audie Murphy. Aramis A. Hux was one of the many survivors of the The Battle of Terra Neue.


The Ulysses S. Grant contains four levels:

  • Level 1 (Being the top level) contains the Cruiser's Bridge and Combat Information Center.
  • Level 2 contains the Technical Deck, of which contains the Engineering Bay, the Medical Bay, the Auditorium and around dozens of airlocks. An elevator connects the Technical Deck to the Bridge.
  • Level 3 contains the Habitation Deck. This deck contains the Galley, the Mess Hall, the Brig, the Lounge/Bar, the Crew Quarters and the Cruiser's escape pods. An elevator connects the Habitation Deck to the Technical Deck and the Engineering Deck. There is also a stair-well connect the Habitation Deck to Levels 2 and 4.
  • Level 4 contains the Engineering Deck. The Engineering Deck contains the Cargo Bay, the Engine Room, the Armory, the Marauder Bay and the Flight Deck (Hangar).

Technical Information

The Ulysses S. Grant is one of the most modern Battle Cruisers the Federation has to offer. Weighing in at an unbelievable weight of 3.5E12 KG, this cruiser can travel at speeds up to 700 972 215 M/S while warping. Thanks to top-tier technology, this Cruiser can deploy for 4 years at a time thanks to its 6 Life Support Generators, 2 of which are held in reserve in case of an emergency.

Navigational Instruments and Armament

The Ulysses S. Grant is a Cruiser with advanced maneuverability. While cruising, the vessel can reach speeds up to 0.567e+8 KM/H. If needed, like when in battle, the vessel can move at speeds up to 807e+9 KM/H, allowing it to be extremely maneuverable. While warping, the vessel max's out at a speed of 45.725e+9 KM/H.


The Ulysses S. Grant contains some of the most high-end technology the Federation has to offer. For beginners, the Cruiser contains the "HECATE" Electronic Warfare system. This system is an advanced electronic countermeasure suite capable of targeting individual enemy subroutines for jamming or broadband protection. The Cruiser also contains a Tactical Maneuvering Subroutines which is a pre-programmed flight patter algorithms which react, in real time, with enemy weaponry. This is for evasive maneuvering against guided weaponry.

Tactical Systems

The Cruiser contains a "AEGIS" Targeting and Self Defense Radar, allowing it to scan for incoming projectiles and vessels. It provides targeting data and control the Grant's gunner. The Cruiser also contains a "METIS" Radar and long Range Scanner Suite, of which is a powerful radar system capable of scanning battle-space for up to 10,000 KM from the ships location. This system is also capable of detecting magnetic, gravitic and radiation signatures. It is also capable of scanning objects for organic life. Finally, the Cruiser also contains a Relay Array which is a integrated long range communication array used by the vessel's Relay Officer.


The Grant contains a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, of which is Spin-Mounted, allowing it to turn in a 360-degree fashion, covering all necessary arks. Its fire a round 9.1 meters long. Weighing in at 600 tons, and made of tungsten, this weapon can fire its rounds at 30,000 meters per second at ranges up to 10,000 KM.

The Cruiser also contains a Achilles Missile System, with 8 missile tubes (4 on each side). This tubes can fire the LONGBOW Anti-Ship Missile, a subatomic guided missile of which contains a radar and magnetic tracking guidance system. It yields 11 tons of TNT. For requirements of a larger caliber, the Cruiser can also fir the MARDUK Nuclear Missile, a thermonuclear missile that is also contains a radar and magnetic tracking guidance system. It yields a 75 Kiloton blast.

The Grant also has a HVLI Cluster Missile Launcher, a subatomic unguided missile system that contains 8 Dumbfire Missile Pods, firing missiles with 4 tons of TNT.

For a more defensive measure, the Grant contains a Ravager Mines supply. These mines are thermonuclear, and are launched from the Cruiser's read mounted Sponson. They can be radar located, and detonates a 60 Kiloton blast.

The Cruiser also contains 4 Helical Cannon's, of which are swivel mounted. Their rounds are 3 meters long. Weighing in at 175 and being made out of Tungsten, these Rail Cannon's are the Grant's shorter-ranged weapons, firing rounds at speeds up to 10,000 meters per-second and targets up to 4000-6000 KM.

The Grant also contains a ARES Point Defense Gun system, containing 8 in total. This weapon is a Tri-Barrel Rotary Cannon, of which is also swivel mounted. It fires a 25 millimeter explosive round. Each cannon holds up to 25,000 rounds.

Deployment Options:

The Grant can deploy the 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion through its stationed DR-4 'Viking' Landing Boats. The heavily armored Vikings are the primary craft for delivering MI troopers from orbit to the drop zone. The standard crew requires two pilots and is able to deliver a full platoon of MI plus their equipment and supplies to a planet's surface. They can withstand a lot of punishment with the exception of a plasma blast, though they sacrifice their speed for robustness. Pilots must exercise extreme caution when leaving the planet in a combat zone, as the low climbing speed will make them a perfect target for the enemy. The Vikings are armed with dual Brunham MW-5050 autocannons mounted on either side of the cockpit, with additional autocannons mounted on the sides of wings, and flare launchers found ontop of its chassis.

The Grant can also deploy the DR-8 'Skyhook' retrieval Boats.The Skyhook is a lighter and faster dropship primarily used for extracting MI troops from the planet, as its armor will only withstand light weapons fire. While commonly found to be used in their troop transport capacity, Skyhooks are also used to ferry small supply drops to and from the planet, aswell as retrieving critically wounded personnel from combat areas and transporting them to more secure medical facilities in the orbit or behind the friendly lines. Many decomissioned Skyhooks have found their new purpose within civillian corporations, acting as personal shuttles for the wealthy or high ranking officials, or used by the police, medical, rescue and other public services. The Skyhooks are armed with a single Brunham MW-5050 autocannon mounted below the cockpit. 

Finally, the Cruiser can deploy the F-76 'Thunderbolt' TAC Fighter.The standard SICON Tactical Aerospace Control fighter is a craft that serves two purposes: achieving air superiority and providing support for ground units. They're designed for operations in atmosphere, though they can be used in space combat for a limited time if necessary. Armed with an internal rotary autocannon, the Thunderbolt can be fitted with a wide range of bombs and missiles avaliable to the Fleet. Its versatility makes the Thunderbolt a favourite craft for most Fleet pilots.