Ulysses S. Grant

From Starship Troopers RP

Name Ulysses S. Grant
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Commissioned September 1st, 2297
Homeport Iskander
Identification BC293
Status In active service

General Characteristics
Allegiance FederationFlag.jpg United Citizen Federation
Class and type Grant-class battlecruiser
Mass 65,000 tonnes
Length 284 m (932 ft)
Propulsion 1x Experimental Mark VII Alcubierre Drive; 3x FDRA Mark XII vectoring sublight engines; 52x manoeuvring thrusters; Cherenkov drive Protium - Boron-11 Fusion Reactor
Speed Sublight: 179,875,475 km/h (0.6c); Superliminal: 100ly/day (3650c)
Range 36,000 ly
Capacity 1,600
Troops 250
Complement 679
Sensors and processing systems UES 7200 EOS Suite
Armament 2x Morita Titan II Mass Accelerator Cannons; 40x Homing Torpedo; 10x Nuclear Torpedo; 350x High Velocity Lead Impactors; 50x Mine
Aircraft carried 20x Viking Dropships; 15x F-76 Thunderbolt

The Ulysses S. Grant is the lead ship of the Grant class of battlecruiser, the fastest warships of her size ever built by the United Citizen Federation, capable of halving the 30 days it typically takes to traverse Federation space. She is named after Ulysses S. Grant, a President and decorated Civil War era General of the former United States of America.