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The United Citizen Federation, also referred to as the Terran Federation, is the unified government of Earth, all inhabited Sol System planets as well as its associated colonies, territories and outposts. The Federation is a veteran-led, republic-style parliamentary system of government based in Geneva, Switzerland and ruled by the authority of the Federal Council in all matters except those directly related to the military.

The United Citizen Federation

FederationFlag.jpg    UcfSeal.png


and largest city

Vigil's Point, Iskander, Proxima Centauri System
Official language

and national language

Recognized regional languages 204 (too many to list)
Government Limited representative democracy/stratocracy
Sky Marshall
Legislature Federal Council
456 seats + 100 non-voting
Terran Districts 200 (2 councillors per district)
Colonial Districts 56 seats, 100 non-voting
Size/Population 254 planets

(28.2 billion people)

Earth 510.1 million km2

(7 billion people)

Colonies 56 major colonies, 198 minor colonies

(21.2 billion people)

Species Homo sapien (humanity)

The United Citizens’ Federation, as it has come to be known in the millennia since its founding, is everything it claims to be. It has brought all of humanity together in a cohesive whole. It has put an end to ethnic stereotypes and prejudice. It has fostered peace between the many former nations of Earth. It has taken many generations to achieve, but the Federation has become the utopian ideal of its founding fathers.

Those that formed the original government of the Federation wanted what was best for themselves and for their children. They sought to end the costly conflicts that were filling their skies with smoke and radiation. Mankind was on the brink of starvation, pestilence and annihilation. Acting as fathers, these individuals put a stop to the endless battles and the destructive wars raging across every continent. By bullet, flame and blade, the fathers of the Federation ensured that their message of peace, through complete, unyielding governmental control, was the only voice left when the smoke cleared.

Like all good fathers, the founders of the Federation wanted a better future for their children than they had personally endured. They struggled, bled and even died to make that dream a reality. They ended war. They brought equality. They rebuilt their shattered world. As the heralds of a new age, they pieced together a brighter world than they had dared to dream of.

And, like so many before them, they made mistakes along the way.