Applying textures with PAC3

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OOC Section

This doesn't quite belong here - we consider this wiki to be mostly In-Character, however, we decided to include this article on the wiki to help you out and to make it a little more accessible and easier to find. If you need further help, scroll down and click on the OOC category.

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The Tutorial

This tutorial assumes no previous knowledge and is guaranteed to work most of the time.

Step 1 - Configuring your model

Firstly, you need your playermodel to support submaterial changing. Sadly, due to technical limitations, our current playermodels don't quite fully support changing all submaterial IDs. This limitation I had not planned for in the production of these models, but lucky for you, I solved this! Sadly though, it lead to me having to write one additional step on this tutorial.

Admittedly, this sounds quite technical, but is really easy. I just wanted you to know why you're going to have to do this step.

First option: Asking an admin

The easiest way to have your model set is by simply asking an admin to set it to the alternate version. They have the same model path as the normal models, except that they're in the alt folder. Example:

Normal model: models/sstrpnet/mi/male_01.mdl
Alternate model: models/sstrpnet/mi/alt/male_01.mdl

Second option: Break the shackles of admin dependancy!

Alternative header: "I'm a strong and independant player, I don't need no admins"

Click to enlarge
  • Right click on the white space below "my outfit"
  • On the dropdown list, click on "entity"
    • You do not need to go into the sub-menu! Just click on the entity brick!
  • Click on the newly created entity.
  • Look for the field that says "alpha"
  • Set this value to 0.

As a result, you should now be invisible in PAC - as opposed to the picture on the right. This is correct!

Choosing your model

Step 2.jpg

As already said, there is two ways to have this playermodel. This is for those who opted for the second option above.

  • Right click on the white space below "my outfit"
  • On the dropdown list, click on "model"
    • Again, you do not need to go into the sub-menu - yet.
  • Click on the newly created model.
  • Click on the three dots next to the model textfield.
  • Browse your addons list until you eventually find something named "Mobile Infantry Uniforms 2.0"
  • ! Browse to the alt folder.
  • Choose the model of your liking.
  • ! Make the tick on the "bone merge" box, as indicated on the picture.

Step 2 - Creating submaterials

Step 3.jpg
  • Right click on the newly created model
  • Go into the "model" sub-menu
  • Click on "submaterial"
  • Do this one more time. You need submaterials for the pants and the shirt and for every other texture you plan to replace.

Step 3 - Modifying submaterials

Left click on one of the newly created submaterials

Submaterial IDs

Step 4.jpg
The shirt
  • Left click on the three dots next to the "sub material id" textfield. This should bring up a drop down menu.
  • Select the one that says "top_mi"
  • You're done for the shirt, you can jump to the next sub-header.
The pants

This is a little tricky because for some (most?), the dropdown menu does not list all IDs, even though there are more! Unforunately, the pants are also affected by this. However, worry not, because there is a little workaround.

Step 5.jpg
  • Click on the second submaterial.
    • The one you did not use for the shirt already. (hint: It helps to set a name for them; in later steps you will see why.)
  • Click on the "sub material id" textfield
    • If the sub material ID for the shirt was 9, you enter 16 here!
    • If the sub material ID for the shirt was 10, you enter 17 here!
      Step 6.jpg
  • After having entered the ID, nothing should have happened; you need to refresh the submaterial somehow.
  • One method of doing this is cloning your submaterial.
  • Right click on the pants submaterial and click on "clone"
  • Remove the clone to avoid conflicts.
  • The clone is the one that is marked by default. You remove the file that is autoselected.
The patches

If you are looking for the submaterial ID for the patches, it is 17 or 18 respectively.

Apply the same procedure as above.

Choosing textures

Step 7.jpg
  • Click on the three dots next to "material"
  • Browse your addons to "Mobile Infantry 2.0 - additional uniform textures"
  • Go on a spree.
  • Alternatively, you can head here and directly enter the texture paths.
    • This has the advantage that you don't need to browse your addons.
    • Sometimes it is also not possible to find this addon when you're not directly subscribed to the addon.
    • Also, this list has unrestricted textures only - you wouldn't get in trouble for using them.