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Enemies of the Federation
Civil War 2298: State of the Union

Intel Points: 12150 | Current Date: February 22, 2298.

Nearly three decades after the events of the First Bug War, The Federation continues to strive against the Arachnid menace. However, in 2297, a new mysterious race of aliens emerged, threatening humanity's domination of the galaxy. In a seriesof devastating defeats, the Federation lost control of the Sol system, including our homeworld Earth, to this strange new foe. With the interior of the Federation sent scrambling after the suicide of Sky Marshal John Hudson, the galaxy-wide empire began to fragment, and a coup occurred. It wasn't long before soldiers who had previously fought alongside one another were sent to spill each others' blood in a desperate bid to reunify the Federation under their own banner.

After several months of devastating fighting one another in addition to the Arachnids, Skinnies, and newcoming Progenitors, a faction of the Mobile Infantry and Fleet calling themselves 'The Coalition' defeated their competitors, and reunified the Federation in 2298.

Sustaining heavy losses during the civil war and faced with the daunting task of rebuilding and restoring the Federation to pre-war levels of operation, the future seems grimly fraught with challenging hurdles to overcome. Earth remains in alien hands, and the desire to see humanity's homeworld liberated from the Progenitors burns brightly in forefront of the species' psyche.

With the devastation and bloodshed of the civil war still fresh in the minds of many, the Federation now must grapple with moving forward as a unified force to be reckoned with. The enemies of the human race have exploited our infighting, and have bolstered their frontlines while ours shrank and receded. Not since The Disorders has humanity been in such a state of peril.

The call to arms has never been louder, as brave men and women from around the galaxy enlist in the Mobile Infantry and Fleet to be the first and last defence for the human race in these troubling times.

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