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This community is no longer active. unfortunately shut down in summer 2019 - this wiki is being preserved for legacy.

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Starship Troopers

Current Date: January 21, 2298 | Federal Standard Time (FST): 00:12

In Starship Troopers RP, you take up the role of a Mobile Infantryman who has just recently passed Bootcamp and has now been transferred to serve aboard our beautiful starship, the Ulysses S. Grant. There's many things to experience and many adventures to be had. This is the story so far; enjoy your stay.

It is nearly three decades after the events of the First Bug War. After years of sustaining a multiple front war against the Arachnids, the Federation was jeapordized by the arrival of a new alien threat. Their destruction and occupation of the Sol System set off a cascade of political instability and uncertainty; culminating in a civil war costing millions of lives.

While the Federation waged war with itself, those who sought to destroy humanity exploited our preoccupation with internal strife. Rising from the devastation of an interstellar civil war, the Federation is now beset on all sides by enemies eager to liquidate the human race. Following reunification, the Federation expelled the new invaders from the galaxy, and the arduous process of undoing the damage inflicted has begun. Faced with the gargantuan task of restoring the Sol System, and by extent the Federation, to its former glory, the rebuilding process is projected to be arduous and lengthy.

With a significantly decreased military capability along with the destruction of dozens of colonies, the human race has not been in such a state of crisis since The Disorders of the late 20th century. Refusing to be snuffed out into the darkness of space, the Federation remobilizes to confront old threats with a renewed spirit.

The message is clear: humanity's place in the galaxy will not be challenged without a tooth-and-nail fight.