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Allegiance United Citizens' Federation
Population Minor (10k+)
Mass 1.82 Earths
Radius 1.25 Earths
Atmosphere Breathable (oxygen rich)
Climate Varied


Officially colonized in 2268, there had been various unofficial outposts (A name which has stuck since) dotted across the planet by enthusiastic mining corporations who had seen the survey data of Wakaliga and wanted to extract the rather large quantity of silicon on the planet. However, the various mining corporations would often clash in what would constitute a planetary turf war. With the official colonization, the turf warfare would cease near immediately as Mobile Infantry troops were used to bring the outposts into line.

The planet's heavily volcanic and tectonic upheaval would be both a benefit and a crux to the colonists. The Earthquakes and Volcanic ash would make large scale development near impossible to do, having to revolve around the times of the year when there was a low enough quantity of ash to allow for shuttles between the space and the ground. As such, after twenty years there's only one real city on the planet, with a second city's development currently stalled due to the fall of the Federation and the mined resources going towards the Draconian Hegemony's war effort.


The people of Wakaliga are a relatively small colony lot who primarily come from South Africa. Almost all inhabitants are English speaking. Due to its dense atmosphere the people of Wakaliga require therapy to get used too the thick air or gas masks to deal with the difference. Whilst the planet bares no real cities it does hold many outposts ranging across the planet to be in proximity to the mining deposits. These outposts are usually underfed and overworked in poor living conditions when mining mandates are low. The exception to this is the central hub of Tartarus. Holding the largest of the Spaceports on the colony, it is vital for exporting the goods off system, and importing supplies to the planet. Because of this, any garrison forces on the planet are stationed purely in Tartarus, letting the various outposts get on by themselves.

Laws and Government

The main Government rules from Tartarus, with a relatively large population of Draconian forces garrisoned in the city. Tartarus, in a fit of irony, is the safest place on the planet because of this, with only the rare excursions to the various and plentiful outposts. In those outposts, the majority of the laws are held up by the mining organisation's own guards and other privately employed staff. However, they are not necessarily lawless, due to the onlooking eyes of the Draconian government and the corporation's own desires for maximum profits and production.


Due to the planet being incredibly rich in heavy minerals and metals Wakaliga boasts a rich yet overworked mining staff. The planets main export is metals for ship building ranging from copper to titanium, and Silicon for producing electronics. As the only mining planet in the Draconian Hegemony's space, it is a vital planet for its shipbuilding and trading interests.

Flora and Fauna

Wakaliga doesn't have much in the way of native Fauna or Flora. The vast majority of plant and animal life on the planet has been imported from other colonies, chiefly to try and make the planet not rely on the imports of food to such a degree and to eventually transform the planet into a larger tourist attraction.

Points of Interest

A large statue of Shaka kaSenzangakhona stands in the central plaza of Tartarus, along with various other historical Federal heroes. However, it would remain the only one not vandalized, standing outside the central government building,

Another point of interest is the 'Village of Ice' which is a popular tourist attraction for the planet's locals. Located near the Northern most pole, it is the frozen ruins of a prospective colony city, dating back just over a century. However, there are no federal records on the base, making the intended owners unknown. Archaeological work at the base is regularly impeded due to the surrounding landscape, being in a hot spot for volcanic activity.