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14 March 2023

  • curprev 17:2117:21, 14 March 2023SSTRP talk contribs 456 bytes +456 Created page with "{{Event |ID= |Date=2023/03/14 |Map=rp_bangclaw_d |Location= |Lead= |Description= |Attendees={{EventAttendee|ID=891|Name=WO. Adrian Black|Page=Adrian Black (500891)|Role=MIPOD}}{{EventAttendee|ID=894|Name=Spc. Sarah Sanderson|Page=Billy No Mates (500894)|Role=Engineers}}{{EventAttendee|ID=739|Name=Cpl. Melody Vane|Page=Melody Vane (500739)|Role=Pathfinders}}{{EventAttendee|ID=307|Name=LCpl. Terrence Tent|Page=Terrence Tent (500307)|Role=Pathfinders}} }}"