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How can anyone defend a galaxy if they have no concept of what that galaxy truly is? A trooper given an order to commandeer a transport and get his squad to Turais must first know what constellation Turais was in. Of course, the trooper in question could rely on the officers of the Fleet to get him there, and indeed they should. However, with the knowledge that Turais was in the constellation Carina, also known as the Heel, and is in an area of space believed to be controlled by the Skinnies, the trooper would be able to prepare his men for the possibility of an encounter with these aliens. Information is both weapon and shield; a good trooper will never forget that.

With that in mind, a trooper will examine each world under the protection of the United Citizens’ Federation in exacting detail, eventually growing to know the planets of the UCF as if he had grown up on them. A trooper will know their installations, military bases, cultural traits, population numbers and standard defences, granting him an understanding equal to that of a Fleet helmsman. On the other hand, the galaxy is vast, so vast that, even with all the exploration undertaken by the Federation during its incredible longevity, less than 5% of it has been explored or even adequately observed. There is little doubt that there are other wonders and other races simply waiting to be discovered.

This is a comprehensive list of all locations of SSTRP.