Hero of the Federation
Hero of the Federation.png Awarded for the highest levels of conspicuous bravery, daring and devotion to duty, acts of gallantry deserving of this medal are emblematic on the United Citizens Federations values.


Date Recipient Commendation Submitted by Details Approved
Date Recipient Commendation Submitted by Details Approved
2023-01-02 Edgar Allan Crow (500458)/C1 Hero of the Federation Bird God Good bird, fly hard. Make noise. Yes
2022-12-22 Seith Ferenak (500031)/C1 Hero of the Federation Oliver G. Hadrian (500002) On December 20th, the 92nd Hadrian's Highlanders found themselves cut off from exfiltration on Klendathu. A resolution was made that, against the spectre of almost certain death, the Highlanders would have to destroy a bug hole - nicknamed 'Satan's Asshole'.

Despite great personal risk, overwhelming odds and unparalleled adversity, Sergeant Ferenak successfully led his men some two thousand meters into the depths of hell.

With the permission of the Sky Marshal, to award Master Sergeant Seith Ferenak this highest award within the Federation.
2022-11-26 John McFive (500043)/C1 Hero of the Federation Test Test McTest (500014) joined at 5 Yes
2022-11-20 Fredi Should Go To Bedi (500016)/C2 Hero of the Federation Freddi Should Go To Beddi (500015) That's why I fucked yo' bitch, you fat motherfucka!

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