Date February 10, 2321
Location Fielding ()
Lead Sofia Torres (500607)
The Hellions had dropped for a recon mission in the area due to suspected dealings with the terrorist group we'd been chasing around. There was a few POI's from command that we went to check out, First of which was a warehouse. which seemed to only house an unmarked skyhook, which was later piloted away from the area.

We then came under a compound when we heard shots ringing through the valley. We got to higher ground to get better observation. We decided then to head closer to the area. TSgt. Vane had managed to get close enough to overhear a conversation undetected. A background check was conducted on 'Garzia Galactics' which revealed they were a shipping company, only they were not licensed to deal with firearms. One building was being guarded, in which LCpl. Strong managed to sneak to a window to observe the inside. Crates of ammunition was found which was labelled with 'Garzia Galactics'. Unwilling to compromise the team, We took PDA photographs for evidence.


Name Role Notes
Cpl. Alexis Petrov Mobile Infantry
Spc. Luna F. Jackson Medics
TSgt. Melody Vane Medics 2iC
LCpl. Nico Kladenkov Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Riley Monet Mobile Infantry
Cpl. Sofia Torres Commanding Officer Drop Lead
LCpl. Teddy Ironwood Mobile Infantry
LCpl. Tommy Strong Mobile Infantry