Date March 16, 2321
Location RCS-05 (rp_coruscantbelow)
Lead Terrence Tent (500307)
Misfits took civilian ship to RCS-05. Landed at civilian port. All Misfits were in civilian clothes during, carried only radio and sidearm throughout the operation.

All Misfits began looking for a restaurant as cover. Came up to a guard picket and all four of us were asked our names as a check by two armed guards, this is when we all invented our cover names. No suspicion was created and guards permitted us to move around the town. Overheard civilians speaking about a one intelligence officer being at the local bar while looking for restaurant.

SPC Sanderson caught eye of said intelligence officer and immediately attempted to befriend her near the port. Sanderson was asked by the officer to join in drink at the bar. Myself, CWO Butcher and SPC Calix followed the two to the bar on foot at a distance. We all split up each ordering food or drink in the bar. I myself attempted to start a conversation with the officer at the drinks ordering counter but was told by the officer to be left alone including not to attempt to hit on Sanderson. Sanderson asked for permission over radio to carry on getting to know target and was given permission.

Sanderson was invited by the officer to follow her around the town to speak about intimate topics but also the officer's political goals and plans. They spent up to an hour walking around the town with intelligence officer while Calix and myself tailed them to keep track of Sanderson's location. Sanderson was eventually invited to the officer's office but attained very little information inside because she could not distract the officer for enough time to look around.

As Sanderson and the intelligence officer were walking around an incinerator room I ran into it and had been spotted by the officer who pulled a sidearm on me asking me what I was carrying or doing. I said I was not carrying anything and was looking for a supermarket and the officer told me I have five seconds to run away or she would shoot me, I did so. Sanderson was transmitting to the rest of the misfits when she had a moment to transmit.

The transit PA sounded ten minutes to next boat out of the town, Sanderson said she had attained information about the officer and she would meet us at the transit port by the time the next boat was to depart. Calix asked if I would let her run into the office and looks for clues while the two were away but I denied the request due to high risk of discovery. Officer accompanied Sanderson to the port where they exchanged contact information. All Misfits boarded boat out under sight of officer, returned to Onoda.


Name Role Notes
Spc. Sarah Sanderson Engineers Proved to perform well with trust.
CWO. Blaise Butcher MIPOD Calm and collected. Took a calm position and did not create too many actions for me to manage.
2Lt. Sian Hawkins Commanding Officer
Spc. Sofia Calix Medics Takes a lot of initiative.
LCpl. Terrence Tent Squad Leader