Date March 13, 2321
Location RCS-77 (rp_siberia_v1)
Lead Terrence Tent (500307)
Misfits under LCPL Tent inserted into RCS-77 by dropship.

Spotted base entrance with guard towers on one end of the AO, deemed to dangerous to infiltrate. Went in opposite direction following main road to find several multi-story buildings, under them were artillery and triple-a emplacements, as well as armored cars, servicing several dozen armed locals mixed with civilians.

Took SE road to find a fortified hill. Technician SPC Sanderson deployed drone to scout out the area, found many trenches on hill fortified by sandbag walls, with several riflemen lookouts. A church was atop the fortified hill. Using stealthy movement passed around the foritifed hill, located a building with ammunition crates and their manifest, noted details of said manifest.

Eventually came up to isolated wood houses, identified two civilians who were psychically scanned by WO Black and revealed no military information.

Continued to find another base on the opposite end of the AO. Technician was permitted to get closer to it without accompaniment and deployed drone and found there to be many armored cars, flying craft of various kinds and ground vehicles of various kinds. While this was taking place, Black and myself moved through some wheat fields near to a sniper tower for Black to conduct a psychic scan on two snipers inside it. I left Black to do the psychic work and alongside Sanderson found a building to conceal ourselves in. Out of the window we spotted the HVT talking to armoed civilians.

I asked Sanderson to deploy a drone and take pictures of the HVT due to not having appropriate equipment myself. Black was spotted by the snipers and forced all of us to run towards the extraction point. All troopers made it to extraction point, without any wounded.


Name Role Notes
WO. Adrian Black MIPOD Good listener and carries himself appropriately in combat zone.
Spc. Sarah Sanderson Engineers Trustworthy and creative. Listens to orders and can be trusted to separate from main group and exercise her specialty.
LCpl. Terrence Tent Squad Leader Requires memory training on navigation and remembering locations of various points in the AO.