Date March 13, 2321
Location RCS-108 (rp_darkvalley_la)
Lead Sofia Torres (500607)
An initial attempt was made at accomplishing the mission under CPL Torres but was declared a failure.

Second attempt was lead by myself. Bombardment of the compound was done in order to clear any hostiles on the Misfits' way to the basement, no hostiles were encountered above ground.

Our dropship landed just a hundred or so meters from the exterior wall of the building whose basements we were to search for the said intel that needed to be retrieved, and ordered to wait in place for our extraction. Second Lieutenant Bespin of INTEL lead us across a wall and to the basement entrance without encountering any hostiles. We started to go deeper and deeper into the basement system, neutralizing up to thirty armed hostiles in total up to the point when we found the piece of intel.

During the clearing, both the LT and PFC Markus sustained injuries that were promptly made secure so that the team would be able to fight at full strength. The LT took the said piece of intel and we began to make our way out of the basement system, only several enemy stragglers were neutralized on our return to surface. The LT primed a DOTON at delay of one minute inside the basement and we made it back to the waiting dropship at original strength, dusting off just as the thing detonated.

Dropship returned to the Onoda and all participants accounted for.


Name Role Notes
2Lt. Carl Bespin Commanding Officer
Cpl. Sofia 'Mini' Torres Squad Leader
LCpl. Terrence Tent Squad Leader
PFC. James Markus Mobile Infantry
[[{{{Page}}}|Alyssa Bennings (500728)]] Engineers
[[{{{Page}}}|Meilin Zhang (500763)]] Medics