Date December 28, 2320
Location Tango Urilla (gm_desertdriving_2017)
Lead Alexander M. Gunn (500150)
First Platoon was deployed to secure a fallen Federation Airbase in the Northern hemisphere of Tango Urilla. Enduring the fiercest engagement singe Klendathu, the platoon fought its way to the airbase and held. On the way to the Airfield, Recruit Carter was hit by friendly rounds while out of position, and killed in action. While holding they were tasked with retrieving a hard-drive from a nearby abandoned bunker, containing Seismic readouts of the bug movements. Bravo went to claim the prize, while Alpha remained to hold the airbase. While holding, PFC. Cobb laid down his life to buy time for Alpha, who were being overwhelmed. Upon retrieving the hard drive, Bravo began the trek back to the Airbase. While enroute, the squad was ambushed by a Tanker. Private Wright was killed. Bravo squad managed to make it back to the airfield, and first platoon fought off the remainder of the bugs before extracting.


Name Role Notes
3PO. Alexander Crevier Commanding Officer
MSgt. Alexander 'Tigger' M. Gunn Mobile Infantry
Victor Emery Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Apollo Solace Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Arthur Wright Mobile Infantry
Spc. Celal Brish Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Charles Carmine Mobile Infantry
2Spc. Carter Ramsey Medics
MSpc. Chris '90%' Collins Mobile Infantry
3Spc. Cinnabar Forger Engineers
WO. Elisabeth 'Misfire' VonBattersea Engineers
Lt. Sierra Pinkley Commanding Officer
Cpt. Emilia Chlebek Commanding Officer
LCpl. Erasmus 'Monk' Manderly Mobile Infantry
Rct. Felix Carter Mobile Infantry
SSpc. Galen Roberts Engineers
Pvt. Garrison Peters Mobile Infantry
2Spc. Isaac Rollins Medics
LCpl. Isabella 'Rooster' Cox Mobile Infantry
Rct. Jean Baptiste Mobile Infantry
Lt. Jebediah Zimmerman Commanding Officer
LCpl. Joey 'Steamtrain' Carter Mobile Infantry
Pvt. John Dixon Mobile Infantry
Pvt. Josie Spence Mobile Infantry
3Spc. Karl 'Scarface' Marleus Engineers
Spc. Léon Giroux Medics
PFC. Lewis 'Spastic' Murray Mobile Infantry
Spc. Lucas Varnel Mobile Infantry
CWO. Mack 'Pitbull' Prescott MIPOD
SSpc. Madeline 'Wallaby' Weaver Engineers
LCpl. Michael 'Ironbrow' Moseby Mobile Infantry
Lt. Nicky Palermo Commanding Officer
PFC. Paul Cobb Mobile Infantry
PFC. Charles Davis Mobile Infantry
Spc. Scott 'Green' Leeson Engineers
Spc. Sofia Shepherd Mobile Infantry
Spc. Sullivan Swinton Mobile Infantry
Cpt. 'Fat' Tony Costello Commanding Officer
Rct. Travis Wake Mobile Infantry
Cpl. Trix 'Mischief' Vázquez Mobile Infantry
SSpc. Vernon 'Fragger' Ryker Mobile Infantry
3Spc. William Aitken Engineers
Pvt. William Harper Mobile Infantry
WO. Willow A. Leighton Commanding Officer
LCpl. Wolfram 'Machine' Keller Mobile Infantry