Date March 01, 2321
Location RCS-85 (rp_ineu_valley2_winter)
Lead Kara Cox (500855)
Misfits were deployed to the region to undertake an AO assessment for FOB locations. Fighting our way through arachnid forces, Misfits arrived at an old missle bunker. The bunker had a heavy presence of Chariot bugs. It was cleared and assessed for potential location. Upon completion of that check, Misfits escaped the location through underground seweage system as arachnid forces had garrisoned the exit.

Exiting from the sewage tunnel, Misfit continued on towards a road tunnel, enroute every member of the team except Master Sergeant Cox was taken by hoppers and the resulting injuries could not be treated on the field. The decision was made to medically Evac the wounded and Master Sergeant Cox proceeded on tasking alone.

After exploring a bug tunnel and coming topside once more. A singular reinforcement was deployed to join the Master Sergeant as they continued. The newly reformed team proceeded towards a POI marked by HIGHCOMM. The newly arrived reinforcement was overwhelmed and surrounded, choosing to shoot himself in the head.

Once more, Master Sergeant Cox continued on tasking, alone again. Proceeding to the POI and assessing the large building for potential FOB site. Upon completion, contact was made with HIGHCOMM. The decision to continue scouting the area was made and the Master Sergeant continued on with the scouting of the region.

At this point, Master Sergeant Cox proceeded into the town and assessed an old ore processing plant as a potential location. Reporting in once complete and then moving on yet again to continue scouting. This brought the Master Sergeant to the final location. An elevated village.

The village was swept and assessed as a potential location, upon reporting the viability to Highcomm, The Master Sergeant was advised to evac the AO, doing so.


Name Role Notes
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD Cortés is scared of bugs. Advise if they drop, it is purely as a rifleman.
PFC. Goran Marko Mobile Infantry Marko was competent throughout the drop.
PFC. John Merk Mobile Infantry Merk has trouble understanding basic order. As SiC he was unable to stick to the rear of the team.
MSgt. Kara Cox Commanding Officer Drop lead.
PFC. Terrence Tent Mobile Infantry Tent made good use of the E-pulse 88 and it's scanner, however was evaced.
[[{{{Page}}}|Alex Carmine (500874)]] Mobile Infantry Fell behind, took his own life.