Date March 03, 2321
Location RCS-18 (gm_apocalypse)
Lead Johnathan Hyde (500785)
Misfits were sent planeside to find out what happened to a fellow Pathfinder platoon. Avery Drake had been deployed with them so it was quite important to this unit.

The Pathfinders were sent to a FFRL RnD facility for god knows what reason, when we fought through the Arachnids to arrive we found the hidden facility and entered it.

Inspection of the deceased pathfinders we found on location showed a high powered weapon being used, non bullet based, not an arachnid Talon. We descended further into the facility, opening up the doors to the control room to encounter multiple Skinnies holding Drake hostage. Drake was unresponsive. The Skinnies were attempting to bargain for a way out using our lives, and drakes, as collateral.

I called Cortes to my head, and I had a quick brief that Cortes believed that the Skinnies were better then we were, and we'd all be killed if they chose to engage. So I leveled the playing field by arming a HEDP warhead to create a MAD Negotiation scale. I was not willing to leave the Drives behind with the skinnies.

Eventually in negotiation they wanted Vane to be alone with Drake, as they escorted her out. They had Drake, and the Drives. But I had a plan. I refused to let Vane go along and sent our Sensor with them. Federation Protocols dictate I could not allow FFRL data to fall into enemy hands. So using Vane's IFF data I nuked the Skinny vessel after Drake was released into our custody.

Returning to the ship, Drake succumbed to her wounds and was declared Deceased at 0030.


Name Role Notes
WO. Alejandra Cortés MIPOD Argumentative during the mission, I have redressed her due to this. Apart from that performed as expected.
CWO. Avery Drake MIPOD Found in critical condition in the lower levels of the facility, held hostage by the Skinnies. She succumbed to her wounds onboard the vessel.
SSgt. Johnathan Hyde Commanding Officer Nuked a Skinny Vessel
WO. Lucia Gonzalez MIPOD Gonzales provided psychic translation for us, however it's made me wonder about limiting the amount of psychics we have on missions due to if an incident happens. We need more conventional rifles.
TSgt. Melody Vane Commanding Officer Vane's going to need some serious counselling after this, Drake was one of, if not her closes Friend and confidant.
PFC. Raf Karston Mobile Infantry Rough round the edges as a trooper, needs to listen more and grow a bit of a spine. Apart from that, did his job well enough for a rookie.
PFC. Terrence Tent Mobile Infantry Tent is beginning to shape up, still not listening so well but i'll be moving him to Lance Corporal SIC a Squad or lead a small fireteam in the future so he learns.